Strategic directions in the management of women with migraine attacks during pregnancy

Ekusheva E.V.

Academy of Postgraduate Education, Federal Research and Clinical Center for Specialized Types of Medical Care and Medical Technologies, Federal Biomedical Agency, Moscow, Russia
The paper analyzes the data available in the literature on the topic: migraine attacks during pregnancy and strategic approaches to managing women with migraine during this period. It shows the relevance of diagnosis and therapy in women with migraine attacks during pregnancy. The main management principles for this category of patients are non-drug interventions, behavioral recommendations, safe and effective headache attack relief, and, if necessary, preventive therapy. This can significantly reduce disadaptation and improve quality of life in women during this period. Further investigations are needed to determine effective and safe therapeutic approaches in the presence of headache attacks in women with migraine during pregnancy.


migraine without aura
migraine with aura


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Received 06.04.2018

Accepted 20.04.2018

About the Authors

Ekusheva, Evgenia V., MD, professor, Academy of Postgraduate Education under the Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal State Budgetary Unit «Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Specialized Medical Assistance and Medical Technologies of the Federal Medical Biological Agency».
125371, Russia, Moscow, Volokolamsky str. 91. E-mail:

For reference: Ekusheva E.V. Strategic directions in the management of women with migraine attacks during pregnancy. Akusherstvo i Ginekologiya/Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2019; (2): 158-64. (in Russian)

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