Journal History

2012 marks the 90-th year since publication of the first issue of the Journal “Obstetrics and Gynecology”. The journal received title in 1922 on the initiative of one of its organizers, an outstanding obstetrician-gynecologist Professor A.P. Gubarev. The first Managing Editors of the Journal were A.P. Gubarev, M.A. Kolosov and I.L. Braude, the Executive Secretary – E.I. Kvater.

In 1936 after merging with the “Journal of Obstetrics and Female Diseases” the edition obtained its present title. In 1937 - 1945 the Journal was headed by Professor I.L. Braude, in 1945-1947 – Professor M.S. Malinovsky. The Managing Editors of the Journal were excellent specialists, highly-skilled clinicians and professors. Due to their creative initiative the whole image of the Journal was made.

Such outstanding scientists, excellent clinicians and obstetricians-gynecologists of our country as Prof. A.P. Gubarev, Prof. M.A. Kolosov, Prof. I.L. Braude, Prof. M.S. Malinovsky, Prof. K.K. Skrobansky, Prof. V.P. Mikhailov, Prof. V.I. Bodyazhina, Prof. A.P. Kiryuschenkov, Academician of RAMS Prof. V.I. Kulakov (they all acted as Editors-in-Chief of the Journal in different years) provided the Journal top scientific level and wide acknowledgement by national and foreign experts. V.A. Golubev worked for the Journal for 40 years (first as an Executive Secretary, then the Deputy Chief Editor), Prof. N.I. Kondrikov worked as an Executive Secretary for 27 years, N.V. Biyatova headed the Journal for 25 years. Academician of RAS G.T. Sukhikh has been heading the Journal since 2007. In 2010 Academician of RAS V.N. Serov has become the Deputy Chief Editor, E.G. Khilkevich – Executive Secretary, E.R. Durinyan – Scientific Editor.

The Journal regularly covers current issues and achievements in the sphere of obstetrics and gynecology, which has a significant influence on the development of this area of medical science and practice. The materials introduced in the Journal contribute to the formation of new and the most perspective trends in obstetrics and gynecology, education of researchers and clinical physicians. Reviews of modern literature, original articles, and articles in sections “Help to a Practical Physician” and “Clinical Lectures” play a special role in this respect.

As a storage of fundamental and clinical knowledge, the Journal “Obstetrics and Gynecology” has a huge impact on the development of many generations of national scientific and clinical specialists. Publications in the Journal is a criterion for a scientific-practical importance for all doctoral and majority of candidate theses.

The Journal has been issued by “Bionika” Publishing House since 2010. “Bionika” Publishing House tends to maintain ethical standards on all stages of publication process, guided be International committee of medical journal editors. Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals // Ann. Intern. Med. 1997; 126: 36–47.

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